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40 Musicians and Their New Year's Resolutions

January 1, 2012  |  9:00am

As we roll the calendar to 2012, most of us take time to reflect as another year has just come to a close. In the process, we come up with ways to improve ourselves, using Jan. 1 as the starting point for what we hope becomes change for the better. We spoke with 40 musical acts about their own New Year’s resolutions. See what artists including Dawes’ Taylor Goldsmith, Wire’s Colin Newman, Sharon Van Etten and others hope to accomplish in the coming year.

Nick Furgiuele
Gringo Star
2012 New Year’s Resolution: This is the year that I make it onto the AAA Gwinnett Braves. Been doing a lot of stairs and watching old Otis Nixon films (to get my “technique” down), but once January rolls around, i’m gonna take it up a few notches—ya know, lots of BP and really an increased focus on my fielding. Also, gonna do that bungee-cord trick to strengthen my arm, and use the bucket-of-sand drill… a lot more than I already do.
2011 New Year’s Resolution: Last year I was gonna go pro with the Atlanta Braves.
Did you live up to your 2011 resolution? It was close, but i found out about the tryout, after months of semi-adequate training, mostly thru playing with the ATL Sandlot Renegades, on the day after they had been held. I figured I’d lower my sights a little this year and maybe just try have an outstanding minor league season, and see if they call me up. I’m pretty sure they will.

John Wesley Harding
2012 New Year’s Resolution: To do less next year.
2011 New Year’s Resolution: To do more next year.
Did you live up to your 2011 resolution? The result was this year’s New Year’s resolution, so it must have been a success.

Nellie McKay
2012 New Year’s Resolution: Get a bigger gun.
2011 New Year’s Resolution: Give up guns.
Did you live up to your 2011 resolution? Not very long.

Buck 65
2012 New Year’s Resolution: To write a book and not fall in love.
2011 New Year’s Resolution: To floss every day and to learn to throw a baseball with my left hand.
Did you live up to your 2011 resolution? Yep. I’m in my dentist’s good books now. And I’m well on my way to destroying my other shoulder now.

Taylor Goldsmith
2012 New Year’s Resolution: To learn how to play piano like Dr. John.
2011 New Year’s Resolution: I don’t remember if I had one. I bet I did though.
Did you live up to your 2011 resolution? I’ve never been great with New Year’s resolutions.

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