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The 20 Best Movie Trailers of 2013

December 6, 2013  |  9:10am
The 20 Best Movie Trailers of 2013
It can be tough distinguishing between a trailer that’s legitimately exciting and well done versus one with inherent appeal to a segment of the movie-going public, regardless of the trailer’s quality. The trailer for Man of Steel was can’t-miss for the latter reason, though the one on this list (trailer #3) also met the parameters of the former. (No surprise there—Zack Snyder’s a master of the movie trailer.) Still, for whatever reason—and often for a combination of them—some trailers stand out. Here are twenty of the best from 2013.

5. Man of Steel (#3)
The third trailer gets it right. It’s a shame the movie as a whole couldn’t, but this trailer allowed us to hope for a little while longer.

4. Gravity
The opening moments of this trailer capture the sheer terror of the film’s premise to phobia-inducing effect. As a result, it may have the distinction of both attracting an audience and ensuring some people would not be seeing it despite its quality.

3. Days of Future Past
The dramatic voice-over from a familiar voice. The building musical score reused from other movies. The prospect that one of Marvel’s most exciting teams will fully regain its film footing in the presentation of one of the comic’s most beloved storylines. The film may fail, but this trailer doesn’t.

2. Winter’s Tale
A perfectly tuned trailer that shouldn’t need multiple iterations to appeal to male and female demographics. With a cast set on “max appealing,” the film will do well if it’s half as stunning.

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Wes Anderson-y goodness leaps out from the first frame of this trailer and doesn’t stop whapping the viewer on the head until a minute after it’s over.

Honorable Mention: The Knights of Badassdom
Okay, this may not be a great trailer. But then again, if trailers are all about building interest and enthusiasm, the cast of this film whose release has been long delayed delivers.

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