Doomed! You're All Doomed!: All 12 Friday the 13th Movies, Ranked

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Doomed! You're All Doomed!: All 12 <em>Friday the 13th</em> Movies, Ranked
Friday the 13thJason X

12. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan(1988)

Obligatory Plot: Yet again Jason is willed back to life by an errant zap of electricity, and he hasn't changed. Per the series tradition of totally misleading titles, two-thirds of the action takes place on a boat before they reach NYC.
Death Count: 21
Money Shot: Once he eventually does make it to Manhattan, a group of thugs threatens Jason, but in a classic move, he turns around, takes off his mask and glowers at them until they run away screaming.
Verdict: Jason on a Boat is somehow worse than Jason in Space. Sweet trailer, though.