Paste's St. Patrick's Day Playlist

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<em>Paste</em>'s St. Patrick's Day Playlist

1."St. Patrick's Day Parodies" Jimmy Fallon
2. "Irish Whiskey" Illinois
3. "Irish Blood, English Heart" Morrissey
4. "Irish Goodbye" Maria Taylor
5. "Another Kind of Green" John Mayer Trio
6. "Sea Green, See Blue" Jaymay
7. "For Reverend Green" Animal Collective
8. "Green Gloves" The National
9. "Luck of the Irish (Live)" John Lennon
10. "Lucky" Radiohead
11. "Feeling Lucky" Jimmy Eat World
12. "How Lucky We Are" Meiko

--Artists from Ireland--

13. "Get on Your Boots" U2
14. "Philosophia" The Guggenheim Grotto
15. "Night Rocker" The Chalets
16. "Two Step" Gemma Hayes
17. "Wild Nights" Van Morrison