First Aid Kit (from Sweden)

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Just when you think your jaded ears couldn't possibly perk up for one more acoustic sister duo, a mountain man from the big sky valley of Pray, Montana tips you off to a pair of sibs from the other great north country of Sweden. Since I miss nuanced harmony in today's glut of bum thumping bass and Casio melodies,  I was instantly struck by how these sisters intertwine their bellows and breaths.  Raw, soaring and exquisite, the duo's  delivery is simple yet mesmerizing. In this Fleet Foxes cover, captured in the woodsy land of echo elves, F.A.K. keep you  wondering how such thick and formidable narratives  emanate from these demure youngsters.  Wonder away.

To Klara and Johanna- sorry I was late for the train, but I'm looking forward to the rest of the ride.