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I have a four year old son that has seen the first Star Wars trilogy 5 times.  Yes, he is junkie and the "Force" is the smack. Yesterday on Santa's Lap, he went into a didactic analysis of how Lando Calrissian is both a good guy and a bad guy before asking the bug eyed, red nosed jolly old elf for Jabba's Barge AND a Sarlacc Pit.

Over Thanksgiving dinner his Mother and I tried to explain to our son that there was actually a Star Wars X-mas special centered on a VERY loose story line about Chewbacca trying to get back to his Wookie Tribe in time to celebrate "Light Day" which was basically a non-denominational  Christmas rip-off. Being as it came out approximately thirty years ago, and a lot of damage has been inflicted to my gray matter, I somewhat recalled it not only featured members of the original cast appear, but also Bea Arthur, Harvey Korman AND Jefferson Starship. Oh yeah, it was also partially animated! 

Mind you this was not one of those Sid & Marty Kraft psychedelic campy cluster fucks other wise known as 70's children's tv programming, this was George Lucas! He signed off on this thing.

No other adults around the table believed such a special actually exist, which led  to some online research. It turns out this utter disaster was even more bizarre then my 8 year old memory could conjure up. Suffice it to say, it has some sultry space dance with scantily clad Dihann Carol, a Blackface cooking show and an off the hook beastial ceremony   PLEASE amuse yourselves for 5 more minutes with Ben Slotover's top notch review (with pictures!!!)

Star Wars X-Mas Special Review  


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