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Sweet Talk's Top Ten Live Songs 2008

January 6, 2009  |  1:42pm




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Being Editor at Large means, well, one is at large a great deal. When one holds such a post for a top notch music magazine, it generally means a lot of time is spent on the road, catching artists in their natural habitat.  Over the course of 2008 Sweet Talk did just that. I manged to see shows in fourteen states and four countries, as a journalist, fan, rookie roadie, and even a producer of several festivals. While I did not manage to see as many club gigs as I once did ( a second child will do that to you), I obviously ingested my fair share of the world's best drug, live music. Therefore, I present my highly opinionated top ten songs experienced in the flesh in 2008.


Honorable Mention: "One" U2 3D 1/19/2008: Yes, I realize this doesn't exactly count, but seeing the US Premiere at Sundance with the band in attendance and saying hello to Larry Mullen at the accompanying cocktail party was as live as I've ever witnessed U2. In other words, better seats never existed and afterwards I felt complete sensory overload.  This was as close to a visceral music experience as you can get without actually being there. I'm not even a real U2 fan but this version of "One" was chilling. If you want to read more about PASTE's review of being at the premiere click here:


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