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Sweet Talk's Top Ten Live Songs 2008

January 6, 2009  |  1:42pm

2) The Avett Brothers: "St. Joseph's" Gondola Ride over Jackson Hole Mountain, 8/17/08

My favorite musical addiction of 2008. I was late coming to the table, but now I am a full on  junkie. Watching them close the Harbor Stage at Newport Folk was a revelation. They were the only music going against Mr. Cheeseburger in Paradise who was playing simultaneously on the Fort Stage, and they were going off! So much so, we gave them another 10 minutes. Actually that's a bit misleading. If we had not given them more time, chances are I would have been bludgeoned repeatedly by the frothing and "spirited" crowd.

After such a rebel rousing, I was more than ecstatic to have them Christen the Jackson Hole Music Festival.  Easily a thousand people waited at the gate to grab some front stage turf just for these guys.  Not surprisingly ,they killed. Although they did play my favorite, "Murder in the City" it was tough to hear the quiet nuances that bleed from the album version.

Earlier in the summer I had the amazing fortune to ride a Ferris Wheel with Jose Gonzalez and Death Vessel while they played some mood music just for me.  Check out the Video . So I thought why not see if the Avett Brothers would join me for a gondola ride.  Beside playing human Tetrus around a snare drum, banjo, acoustic guitar, and full size stand up bass, this was one of the coolest moments of my career. 

Over the twenty minute round trip, in between illuminating snippets of brotherly dialog and expressions of wonder at the jaw dropping vistas, the boys honored my request with an unplugged and penetrating "Murder in The City" and a brilliant "Bella Donna" with extended jam complete with the snare falling out when the doors momentarily opened at the top of the lift before we began our descent. However, it was the joy in "St. Joseph's" against the bluest of blue sky that left me sated and inspired.

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