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A new band of tumbleweeds is rolling down Sunset Blvd, just in the nick of time. The Château Marmont hasn’t received a good trashing in awhile by a band who has actually earned the holes in their Levi’s and Frye’s by wood shedding in the Hollywood hills above.  While Truth & Salvage Co.’s musical touchstones are blatant, The Band, Molly Hatchet, The Byrds, Graham Parsons (w/ tinge of Beachwood Sparks) they are also endearingly honest and worn like merit badges.

Comprised of six like minded souls from LA’s Hotel Café society, the endpoints of their songwriting spectrum are the verdant nooks of California’s canyons and the curves of the pacific highway. Like a sonic sunset postcard scented with eucalyptus and jasmine, they are a pure and sincere reminder of what it means to spend some time letting the senses stretch out while the comforting hum of tires hug the asphalt of some wave pounded highway.   


There is nothing new or hyped on this their opening salvo, just songs made to last and welcome like minded spirits back to the truth found in six string hollow bodies, loose harmonies and warm marshal amps. From the needle drop, you’ve suddenly stumbled onto a camp fire jamboree fueled by mason jars of bourbon or ripple wine where you handed a guitar and asked to play along. “Hail, Hail the gangs all here…”


Speaking on the road with one of the four main writers, Scott Kinnebrew it’s clear they’re unapologetically okay being the next chapter in a book that started a long time ago.


“Everyone in the band has lived through the extreme highs and lows of the music business in different incarnations but when we delved into this group the main goal was to just have a good time.  We’ve all looked for definition, recognition and the “tear open a new seam” type of ambition, but when we stripped it all down, it came to, life is good, life is fun, let’s let our guard down.. There’s no pressure, it’s an accessible, humble and organic chemistry. Instead of trying to reach out for something larger we found comfort in the simpler songs that seemed to speak to everyone.”

It’s been awhile since a new album has been so synchronized with my current state of being.  My brain is fried, I need to be refreshed. It’s been a long winter and I need Vitamin D badly. Luckily Memorial Day is nigh and I can finally take the roof off my ’78 International Scout and log some highway time with such a welcoming soundtrack. 

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