20 Things I Learned at Dragon*Con 2008

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3. That Adam West draws a bigger crowd than anyone else at Dragon*Con. Sean Astin and Nathan Fillon come in second and third. And Lou Ferrigno isn't as popular as he used to be.

4. That men in chain mail rarely break character when interviewed.

5. That multimedia producer Kevin Keller is way better than me at recognizing obscure costumes of comic book and video game characters.

6. That I'm pretty good at recognizing obscure characters from Dr. Who and Stargate, but that pretty much stretches the limits of my sci-fi geekdom.

7. That a lot of people own a Captain Jack Sparrow costume.


8. That Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans really don't like Michelle Trachtenberg*.

9. That Virginia Hey, the blue priestess from Farscape has made a cottage industry out of selling perfumes and illustrations to fans who really were just curious what she looked like without all that make-up on.

10. That 2008 is the year of the Joker, and that women are about three times as likely to dress as him than men. And that the Jack Nicholson Joker is almost as popular as the Heath Ledger Joker. And that I should call it the "Warner Brothers Joker," not the "Jack Nicholson Joker."

11. That it's not about sci-fi or fantasy; it's really just about a good costume.