Steve Earle, Ryan Adams, Michael McDonald, Childish Gambino and CeeLo Green Sing For 30 Rock

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Those of us in Georgia know that Stone Mountain is just a suburb of Atlanta, but in the world of NBC’s 30 Rock, it’s the backwoods home of super-page Kenneth Parcell. Who better to sing his ballad than the Texas-to-New York transplant Steve Earle? Jack McBrayer might not step on Bob Dylan’s coffee table with his cowboy boots on, but his character gets the full Steve Earle treatment below:

But Steve Earle isn’t the only troubadour playing for NBC. In the webisode The Donaghy Files, Michael McDonald, Ryan Adams and Childish Gamino try out for the SuperBowl halftime show after Madonna gets injured performing nude on a burning cross. The catch is they have to play NBC theme songs—Saved By the Bell, Passions and Knight Rider. But a fourth candidate steals the limelight. Watch below: