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October 6, 2008  |  3:56pm

To submit CDs, DVDs, games, books or films for coverage, send your materials to:

Paste Magazine
PO Box 1606

Decatur, GA 30031

To follow up on your submission, you may contact one of the editors below. Please understand that we receive more email than we could possibly answer, but we are constantly checking out new music and will let you know if your album/film/book/game/TV show is getting coverage.

• News – Tyler Kane
• Music – Bonnie Stiernberg or Tyler Kane
• Audio/Video Premieres, Photos, Live Music Coverage – Dacey Orr
• Movies (Theatrical and DVD) – Michael Dunaway or Michael Burgin
• TV – Bonnie Stiernberg, Michael Burgin or Shane Ryan
• Books – Charles McNair or Frannie Jackson
• Comic Books – Sean Edgar
• Videogames – Garrett Martin or Maddy Myers
• Comedy – Ryan Bort
• Design – Sarah Lawrence or Shelley Brown
• Tech – Luke Larsen
• Drink – Josh Jackson or Graham Averill

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