Morrissey and Marr Curate New Smiths Hits Comp

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A Smiths best-of compilation? Stop me if you've heard this one before!

Yes indeed, the master compilers at Rhino will bring out The Sound of the Smiths, a retrospective of the late, great, sad rockers, on November 11. It will be available as both a single disc and a double disc set. The 23-track single disc gathers all of the band's singles and lines them up chronologically, while the second disc mixes B-sides, alternate versions, and live takes.

The Sound of the Smiths was crafted with the help of Morrissey, who provided the title, and Johnny Marr, who supervised the mastering. Both men also assisted in the track selection as well.

But wait... back in August, didn't the reliable Morrissey fan site True to You posted a message that said, "It is understood that Warner Music in London are releasing a Smiths Greatest Hits album in the final quarter of 2008. This release is without Morrissey's approval or involvement"? According to Rhino, that statement was made before Morrissey became involved in the project.

The cover art for the single-disc set is above, but here's what you'll get if you opt for the big fella:

In other news from this lot, according to, last month, Morrissey split with his management company ie: music after just three months. One wonders if the recent fuss surrounding the release of a live DVD and the delay of the release of his forthcoming studio LP Years of Refusal had anything to do with it. Then again, this guy and discontentment are pretty tight, so it's always a little hard to say.

Meanwhile, Johnny Marr has taken a break from his duties with Modest Mouse to link up with British brother act the Cribs. He's currently working on a new album with them.

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