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Artist Quotes
Jason Lee (My Name is Earl, Almost Famous):
"Paste is so deliciously sweet, I often put it on my waffles in the morning instead of syrup." Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers):
“Paste may be the last great American music magazine left.”Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips):
Paste Magazine can take a couple of pages sometimes to let some character seep into the writing. And with so many music magazines these days it’s almost as thought they’re just doing a promo—‘the new record is out, go get it, look how great they look, blah blah blah.’ And Paste has writers who can write which, for better or worse, a lot of music magazines don’t really care if it’s good writing. It’s just ‘get the name spelled correctly.’ Paste has people with imagination that are willing to take chances and write about things you’re not going to read about anywhere else.Cowboy Junkies:
"It is comforting to know that there is at least one place where we can go and be confident that we will find an audience thirsting to find new music. Paste Magazine is that place. It's loss would create a very large black hole." G. Love:
"This magazine needs to survive! If you like real music then you need Paste in your life."Kyle Hollingsworth (String Cheese Incident):
“Paste rocks! It keeps me up to date on all the new music that is happening. A must for people who want to be in the know.”Matthew Sweet:
"I'm SO pasted! you guys rock!"Jon Foreman (Switchfoot):
"Paste just might be my favorite music magazine. They have shed light on many incredible, under-appreciated folks over the years, helping me find new tunes to accompany me through life. We were honored to give a song in return."Shawn Mullins:
Paste is a totally unique magazine. I've never flipped thru an issue without finding something or someone completely new and original in it's pages. And each Paste sampler CD is filled with reasons not to give up on the music industry!Speech (Arrested Development):
"Paste Magazine helps bring the real world to this present matrix music industry, it exposes cool music, that people like you & I actually listen to."Josh Rouse:
"Paste Magazine really embodies all that's left of a true independent thought and expression in music journalism in the states right now. Please support the cause and lift them up to keep them moving forward."Keller Williams:
"There are few music magazines that showcase "under-the-radar" musical acts. Paste is one of them. I personally appreciate publications like this; Paste keeps me informed of good music that doesn't necessarily reach mainstream media."Meiko:
"I feel like everything great that's beginning to happen in my career started with the 'ink' Paste Magazine gave me!"Over The Rhine:
"Paste magazine has been a much-needed gift to all who care about the future of American songwriting and creativity. While many other music magazines became increasingly celebrity-obsessed, Paste reminded all of us that the conversation could be redirected in imaginative ways: Who are the artists and writers, known or unknown, old or young, mainstream or indy, who can still delight and surprise, who deserve to be discovered or rediscovered? If we lost Paste’s voice in the overall conversation, we would lose more than we can imagine, or afford."Marc Broussard:
"because it gives new artists a place to be heard and heard about"Umphrey's Magee:
"You can always trust Paste to be on top of it all."Cary Brothers:
"Times are tough in the music industry, and now more than ever we need people like the team at Paste looking out for artists on the fringe of the mainstream."Rosie Thomas:
"I've always respected Paste magazine and I'm ever so thankful for all the support and encouragement they've given to me."Ari Hest:
"Paste is a great music lover's resource. I tend to agree with their album reviews and find their interviews a bit more intriguing than those of other music magazines."Michael Flynn (Slow Runner):
"If I had my way, we'd all use Paste back issues in a makeshift bartering system when the economy fully implodes and the dollar goes shithouse. Pelts and furs I could care less about, but the '25th anniversary of Thriller' issue? I'd give somebody a whole sack of ripe tomatoes for it. That kind of content is hard to come by in this day and age."Jason Harrod:
"I've seen Paste grow from a small start-up into the most innovative music magazine out there. The people behind the magaine are what I value most though. I hope they, and the magazine, will be around for a long time."Derek Webb:
"Paste magazine has served as a tremendous window into culture for my house. I can think of no other publication that provides such critical yet entertaining thoughts on music, movies, books and gaming as Paste. My mailbox would be a dark place indeed without it."William Fitzsimmons:
"The first time I ever found Paste I thought somebody just might have finally made a magazine using only the contents of my brain. I read it cover to cover every single month."Spring Standards:
"Paste represents some of the most genuine and tasteful music writing that's available to today's independent music fans."Nina Persson of A Camp and The Cardigans:
"Paste Magazine needs to stay in business! It's the first non-sensational quality music and film publication that doesn't only attempt to appeal to middle-aged male Bob Dylan completionists! And there are still many of us who love to pick up a print magazine instead of going online."The Clarks:
"Paste has been my source for finding new and upcoming artists. The magazine has always provided editorial you can sink your teeth into, not just lightweight puff pieces."Ben Wakeman:
"Paste is an unabashedly bright light in a field of dim contenders who have been rehashing the same old news about the same old bands for decades."Southeast Engine:
"I can't think of any other US music magazines functioning at as high of a level with as much integrity and good taste."

Wall Street Journal:
"The best among American music titles"Chicago Tribune ("50 Best Magazines"):
"Hip without sacrificing credibility on the altar of corporately-deemed 'cool'"UTNE Reader:
"Paste brings together the best elements of the mainstream and indie press."Whitney Matheson, USA Today's Pop Candy:
"Well-rounded, intelligent.... I like how Paste pays attention to both major players and up-and-coming artists."The Christian Science Monitor:
"American's finest rock-music magazine"NPR's Robin Hilton:
“Possibly the finest music periodical around.” Ben Fong-Torres, Rolling Stone Music Editor, 1969-81:
"In a time when radio and record label consolidation has shut out a lot of the best music being made, we need other media, other avenues, other ways of getting the word—and sounds—out to each other. We need you, and I hope Paste stays in the mix for a long, long time."New York Daily News:
"Paste resembles the top British music magazines like Q, Uncut and Mojo, publications that leave most American counterparts looking tone deaf."FOX 25 News, Boston:
“Paste magazine has become the place to find out what is going on in the world of music.”Media Bistro:
The exhaustive, eclectic read is full of smart, insightful and occasionally funny writing. It’s hip without being too cool for school, exhaustive and far-reaching without being irrelevant or obsessed with minutiae and discerning and smart without being overly intellectual."Awards:
National Magazine Awards nomination for General Excellence, 2007 & 2008
Magazine of the Year, PLUG Independent Music Awards, 2006-2008
Best Magazine Website, GAMMA Awards, 2007 & 2008
Best Consumer Entertainment Magazine, Folio Eddie Awards, 2007
General Excellence, Best Design, Best Single Issue, GAMMA Awards, 2006-2008