Watch Wavves' New Video for "Leave"--Set Within Grand Theft Auto V

Features Wavves
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Wavves just released a collaborative album with Cloud Nothings, and today there’s a video out for their previously released song “Leave.” “Leave” was recorded for the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack album Welcome to Los Santos, and the new video was apparently filmed and edited entirely within the game, by a GTA V player. It follows a prison robbery-jail-jailbreak scenario while Nathan Williams and company intone “I would leave, I would leave / I would leave if I could.” The whole thing totters somewhere between gimmicky and problematic: It comes off as a little more than promotional material for GTA V, unless we’re actually supposed to think that a song about youthful angst and ennui set over a video game clip about incarceration somehow makes a meaningful whole. But if anything, it entertains. Watch below to judge for yourself, and check out the Cloud Nothings collab on Bandcamp.