Dada - How To Be Found

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Dada - How To Be Found

L.A.-based dada—which saw a modicum of success in the ’90s before falling off the back of the major-label bandwagon—is a throwback to a time before multiple formats and myriad subgenres, when a group of long-haired musicians was simply a “rock band,” period. The utter lack of stylistic referencing on How to Be Found proves oddly refreshing in this age of signifiers; guitarist Michael Gurley and bassist Joie Calio play it straight, purveying virtuosic chops, tight two-part harmonies and unfailingly logical musical compositions. On sturdy rockers like “The Next Train Out of My Mind,” “Crumble” and “Any Day the Wind Blues,” Gurley, Calio and drummer Phil Leavitt scrupulously navigate through the aural architecture, building dynamically, embellishing inventively and arriving at satisfying resolutions. The band’s appeal, however, remains harnessed by the lack of a readily identifiable character and the fact that it doesn’t have anything more profound to offer than “Life is a weird thing”—oh, and love is weird, too, they add. But while the songs may not stick in your head, they sure sound good for as long as they last.

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