Castanets - Cathedral

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Castanets - Cathedral

Is this Americana from outer space or extraterrestrial music from Earth? You know, either/or. Cathedral is a new entry in the burgeoning genre known as freakfolk, which is united less by the intentions of its adherents (I doubt Raposa considers himself a “freakfolk artist”) than by a tendency to regard traditional American music—folk, country and blues—as fodder for deconstruction and revision, not a rigid template. Castanets’ murky, swampy, patchwork morass of psychedelic porch music waxes and wanes as if acoustic pickers, creepshow organ grinders and rattling percussionists were spread out across a large room in which the ghost of a microphone flits around. Raposa blurs the filigreed elegance of Six Organs of Admittance into the coy menace of Devendra Banhart; the deadpan meditations of (smog) into the acoustic clangor of a Tom Waits interlude. Haunting and ephemeral, Cathedral vertiginously lulls the listener into a sort of languorous enchantment.

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