Charlemagne - Detour Allure


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Charlemagne - Detour Allure

An engaging slice of summer, just in time for winter

As leader of NoahJohn, Carl Johns parlayed his odd, winsome country-folk music into four albums, a cult following and glowing reviews in Europe. For his first foray into sunnier territory, Johns launched the mostly solo Charlemagne, releasing a pleasant, self-titled album in the process. With Detour Allure, he’s assembled a full band—and officially begun to overshadow the project for which he’s best known. A disc of minor but immensely appealing pop confections, Detour Allure arrives awash in fizzy swirls of oohs and aahs, handclaps and boy/girl vocals. The result couldn’t be more likable, and at its best (on the warm, strummy “Your Scars”), the album sounds as enduring as it is ingratiating.

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