Ozomatli Visits Asia as U.S. Cultural Ambassador

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Multi-ethnic, multi-racial group Ozomatli was founded on the belief that music can transcend any cultural or social boundaries, the mission being to reach out to diverse communities with messages of peace and understanding.

A Fulllbright grant from the government has made it possible for the group to live out these ideals. Now until the 21st of February, members of Ozomatli will tour India and Nepal, representing the U.S. as Cultural Ambassadors.

In New Delhi, Ozomatli will host workshops and classes at the Arya Anathalaya Orphanage and School, the Prayas Juvenile Aid Center and the Ravi Shankar Institute for Music and Performing Arts. The band will also give the first live concert ever at Nek Chand's Rock Garden in Chandiargh, a sculpture garden and amphitheatre built entirely of industrial waste.

In Nepal, in celebration of the newly ratified Peace Accord that ends 10 years of turmoil and isolation, Ozomatli will host workshops with orphanages currently overrun with children affected by conflict. The bandmembers will also use workshops to teach student and youth musical groups ways to put their own social messages into music.

Since its inception ten years ago, Ozomatli has received three Grammy awards, and is set to release its fourth full-length album, Don't Mess With The Dragon, on April 3rd through Concord Records.

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