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Amygdala [CC Entertainment]

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The Honeydogs

Adam Levy’s Honeydogs have undergone several transmutations since emerging from Minneapolis a decade ago as a jangle-pop out?t—most recently in 2003, with the criminally ignored conceptual epic 10,000 Years, which captured the zeitgeist of this anxious decade as well as any album has. While less overtly ambitious than its predecessor, Amygdala (which takes its title from the neurons in the brain that regulate emotion) is another striking work that sets Levy’s wordplay-?lled musings on contemporary existence in modes ranging from Steely Dan-ironic jazz-pop to Lennonesque balladry and anthem-scaled rock, as two new members (keyboardist Peter J. Sands and drummer Peter Anderson) play essential roles. Levy is a social worker by day, which may explain why his songs and vocals resonate with such a potent blend of compassion and insightfulness. His band deserves a far bigger audience.

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