Help McSweeney's For Good Karma and Neat Things

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Dave Eggers’ wonderful and brilliant publishing house, McSweeney’s, is in desperate need of saving by every fan who’s read one of his books or a “short imagined monologue” and thought, “You know, this is the kind of creative endeavor I could financially get behind, in theory.”

In a desperate attempt to survive last year’s bankruptcy, McSweeney’s is holding an inventory sell-off (with enormous subscription and back-issue discounts) and rare-item auction featuring great stuff donated by the likes of past-contributors Chris Ware and Nick Hornby. They’re even auctioning Eggers’ painting of George W. Bush as a double-amputee. It’s a serious crisis.

McSweeney’s regular publications include Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, The Believer, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and a new quarterly DVD magazine called Wholphin. They’re great at finding original literary voices and more than sufficient at publishing works by people everyone already knows is cool (like Michael Chabon).

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