Hammock gets artsy for first concert ever

If your band has been around for awhile and you’ve yet to play a live show, your first performance has to be memorable—your great mission statement, performed in front of an adoring audience. Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson of Hammock have met the challenge, since their first-ever live performance will take place at The Gallery@404-B in Hot Springs, Ark. And if that’s not awesomely cerebral enough, the band will be playing the afterparty for the overseas debut of an exhibit by Riceboy Sleeps, a collaboration between Sigur Rós’ Jón Thor Birgisson and Parachutes’ Alex Sommers.

Hammock is a critically acclaimed post-rock band with not one, but two prior appearances on the Paste sampler, and to make its show extra special, the band is writing new music exclusively for the Riceboy Sleeps premiere. “We’re completely thrilled and completely freaked out at the same time,” Byrd said in a recent statement. “To hear that Jónsi and Alex like our music, and to be somehow connected to what they’re doing artistically, even for just one night, is an honor.”

Riceboy Sleeps’ American artistic debut and Hammock’s world performance debut take place on August 3, and the exhibit runs at Gallery 801 until September 7. The band’s most recent album, Raising Your Voice…Trying to Stop an Echo, was released on Darla Records in November.

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