MF Doom imposters perform shows?

MF Doom
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There are rumors and there are rumors. Sometimes they involve Australians. Other times, they just don't make much sense or carry even a semblance of credibility. Sometimes though, they involve sneaky rappers with a weird sense of humor. And sometimes, they're just too intriguing to ignore. This is one of those times.

According to a reader letter at, MF Doom hasn't been performing some of his recent shows. In his place, lip-syncing imposters have taken the stage. The reader's description of last week's San Francisco show follows:

"Out comes 'Doom' looking about 100 pounds lighter than he has ever looked in a picture or video... His mic was turned way down low, and you couldn't hear his voice, and there was no crowd interaction between songs. Just this skinny 'Doom,' holding the mic real close to his face, and a bunch of hype men on the sides. 20 minutes later, it was all over."

Although it's a shaky argument, one that sounds like conspiracy theorizing at best, the story has been reportedatseveralothersites as well, with folks saying all sorts of angry things. "We need to clean up Hip Hop," "Doom is one lazy dude," etc.

But an even more interesting angle of the story develops from a blog comment on the original post. A reader points out that Doom stated in an interview that his upcoming project is called "Impostor." Perhaps the whole thing is an elaborate marketing scheme to promote a long-overdue album from the masked one?

Stranger things have happened. Here's hoping that Doom is just messing with all the uptight people out there, and not actually having troubles making it to the stage and producing new material. After all, if the sophomore Madvillain album and his collaboration with Ghostface Killah are as good as we hear they are, then there is a lot to look forward to in the future of MF Doom.

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