The Stooges rock your British TV

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It's one thing to just listen to the ferocious sounds of Iggy and the Stooges. Yes, your speakers may explode, and your stereo may start moshing with other home furnishings, but beyond that, it's a pretty safe experience.

If, however, you are watching the band on a large, flatscreen TV, it's entirely possible that your eyes will shatter because of the visual force of Iggy Pop's insanely toned, mandatorily shirtless body.

England, you have been warned; on September 17, Stooges fans from across the pond will be able to purchase Iggy Pop and The Stooges: Escaped Maniacs, a live DVD of a 2005 concert at Belgium's Lokerse festival. The DVD will come with a CD of the concert, as well as bonus interviews and an Iggy retrospective.

American fans will have to wait for a release date, but they can catch the band - live, intense, and in person - at Las Vegas' Vegoose Festival this Halloween.

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