Wholphin gives you new short films

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Here’s your conundrum: on one hand, you like and respect McSweeney’s, its brilliant website, and its literary magazine, The Believer. But on the other hand, you just don’t like to read words! Well, dear frustrated reader, get ready to frolic through the misty fields as salty tears flow down your visage and you chant "Wholphin" for minutes on end!

That’s right, the fourth issue of Wholphin, a DVD magazine of unseen films published by McSweeney’s, will invade your local vendor of magazines, DVDs, and DVD magazines this September. Wholphin IV promises to be no less eclectic and interesting than the magazine’s first three issues. It features High Falls, a short film starring your favorite celebrity couple, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard (sorry Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez); Two Cars, One Night, an Academy Award-nominated film from New Zealand; and Strange Culture an explanation of why art is dangerous to homeland security, among many others.

So start cleaning your television and make sure that your remote has fresh batteries, as you prepare for a televised artistic and intellectual invasion. It’s almost like reading, but better!

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