Paste invites readers to choose own subscription price

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Beginning today, and continuing for the next two weeks, Paste will be offering one-year subscriptions, and readers — yes, you and you and you — can pay what you want! New subscribers can sign up, and loyal subscribers can renew online at for a minimum payment of $1, though all are encouraged to pay what they think the subscription is worth. Anyone paying more than the $19.95 Paste typically offers for a one-year (11-issue) subscription will be thanked in print in a future issue of the magazine.

The campaign came about from a casual conversation at the Paste offices discussing the recent Radiohead campaign and the Jim Collins book, Good to Great. (We're all Level 6 around here.)

“We were curious to know what our customers thought we were worth. And what better way to find out, than to let them tell us?” explained Paste President/Publisher Tim Regan-Porter. “While it’s certainly a bit unconventional, we also see it as a chance to get our product in the hands of people who could become lifelong fans. It’s been our experience that once people become familiar with Paste, they turn into loyal readers.”

Interested readers can order multiple subscriptions to Paste, as long as there is a valid mailing address. Gift subscriptions encouraged! (That's right, cheapskate, now you can do all your Christmas shopping for 10 bucks. And you don't have to leave the website.)

And, as if you didn't already know, each issue of Paste comes with a CD sampler, so one subscription will give you 11 CDs of great music, in addition to the award-winning writing and entertainment coverage.

Voted “Magazine of the Year” by the PLUG Independent Music Awards for 2006 and 2007, and having won the Grand GAMMA Award (along with four Gold awards and one Silver award) at the 2007 GAMMA Awards, Paste is rapidly emerging as the go-to source for music and film aficionados.