Use eBay to become a movie producer

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It's pretty well-known at this point that being a "producer" on a movie is a pretty nebulous thing. Even the Weinsteins or Bruckheimer don't get near the heights of producers during the heydey of David O. Selznick, and as far most film viewers are concerned producer nowadays simply means "person-with-their-name-in-the-credits."

This makes For Tom and All Eternity so refreshing, because it's a film that's totally up front about this. How up front? Anyone can buy their way into a producer-ship on eBay for a mere $49,999.99 and skip all that normal hassle associated with knowing what the film is about or having something to do with its creation. Becoming an official "person-with-their-name-in-the-credits" is just one place bid click, with perhaps an accompanying confirmation click, away.

If that isn't enough for you, or if perhaps you're so wealthy you freebase diamonds with an ivory spoon, do note: Should the highest bid exceed $100,000, the bidder will instead receive the even more prestigious executive producer position. This means that not only is your name on the credits, but it's the first name on the credits. Oh, and rather than the measly 1% ownership of a producer you'd receive 3% of the film's rights. Or you could use the money to buy 100,000 five-piece chicken nugget sets from Wendy's; they're really both good deals.

The auction ends on Oct. 9, so anyone interested in breaking into film the old fashioned way should get cracking.

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