Wild Style celebrates anniversary

Fab 5 Freddy
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Before Run-D.M.C. hung out with Aerosmith, before MTV played hip-hop, and long before Vanilla Ice’s immortal "Ninja Rap," there was Wild Style. Twenty-five years later, the groundbreaking document of early hip-hop is back.

Directed by Charlie Ahearn, Wild Style was a 1982 film set in the South Bronx that featured appearances from Grandmaster Flash, Fab 5 Freddy, and Rock Steady Crew, among others. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film, which was voted one of the ten greatest rock n’ roll films of all time by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Rhino is releasing a special edition DVD, which will be available on Tuesday. The DVD features a new digital transfer, commentary from Ahearn and Fab 5 Freddy, documentary footage, and lots of other goodies. Pick it up and get in touch with your inner Freddy.

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