Will Ferrell is entering the Land of the Lost

Will Ferrell
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After only a few years in production limbo, Universal is finally pushing Land of the Lost out the door. Despite its flop just a few months ago with the epically underwhelming Evan Almighty, the studio is ready to undertake another overly expensive comedy with a $100 million budget, pushed down from $125 million, and a brand-name star, Will Ferrell.

Land of the Lost is an adaptation of the 1970s television show, centering on a disgraced paleontologist and his wacky adventures with dinosaurs. Well, that could be interesting, and a nice counterpart to the dinosaurs-with-guns project that Jurassic Park 4 seems to be heading towards. But it's also a bit frightening, since the last time Ferrell helmed a broad-studio comedy, the result was Bewitched. Audiences are advised to anticipate Land of the Lost with cautious optimism and to keep the next Adam McKay/Ferrell production, Step Brothers, in mind as well.

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