Writers Guild to recognize game writers

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The Writers Guild of America announced its first Videogame Writing Award, "to encourage storytelling excellence in videogames, to improve the status of writers, and to begin to encourage uniform standards." The first award will be given at the 2008 Writers Guild Awards on Saturday, February 9, 2008.

“Videogames are written and many are written very well. By recognizing the skill and craft of videogame writing, the Writers Guilds intend to raise the profile of these writers so that they can get WGA contracts and benefits for this work. We aim, we shoot, we score,” commented WGAW President and ex-Futurama writer Patric M. Verrone.

One interesting facet of this award is that it is specifically for writers, but not for positions such as Lead Designer. This is an odd take on certain games, which really get their storytelling from the medium rather than a script. Another odd facet is that the WGA is recognizing original story, though it's the impressive translations within many titles that make them well-known for their story here in America.

The award is obviously a huge step in gaining legitimacy for video games and should assist the industry when the next round of scapegoating games and their promotion of violence takes place. So long as they don't join the screenwriters in one of their omnipresent strikes.

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