Facebook Pages debut for bands and businesses alike

Storm clouds had gathered on the horizon, foretelling of a grand strike by Facebook against MySpace's musical kingdom. Earlier this week, the clouds burst. Behold: Facebook Pages, a venture that aims to recruit every entity in the world into the Facebook Army. The program allows businesses, organizations and (of course) bands to make little pages and accumulate "fans," much as MySpace with its friend system.

Facebook has always had an aesthetic edge on the messy MySpace pages that we've all come to know and loathe, but it's a bit early to say whether its Pages system will eventually eclipse the MySpace empire. So what do Facebook Pages look like? Idolator has a look at one group's page. As a completely unrelated note, you might want to visit Paste's little Facebook page and, you know, become a fan. You do love us, don't you?

Thanks to Digital Music News for the links.

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