Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson talk Artist on Artist

Wes Anderson
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Most of us here at Paste are infatuated with Wes Anderson. He is the superstar quarterback to our giggly high school freshman. We have swooned at the release of Darjeeling Limited. We have swayed sweetly to the soundtracks of his films. Frankly, we can’t get enough. If you are in the same boat (lets call it The Belafonte) then here's a little extra serving of your favorite director.

Alongside good friend and colleague Owen Wilson, Anderson participated in the most recent installment of MySpace’s Actor on Actor (see link below). This MySpace group features artists interviewing other artists, sometimes with artists in two different parts of the world, but successfully conjoined by a blended split screen. You can also check out Wilson’s fellow Darjeeling cast mate, Jason Schwartzman, in a post-Marie Antoinette interview with Incubus’ Mike Einzinger.

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