Dane Cook breaks Dave Chappelle's endurance record

Dane Cook
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There are many things one can do in seven hours. Watch Titanic twice, work a full day, fly to Europe, write someone an overdue sonnet...the options abound.

Last week, Dane Cook spent seven hours at Los Angeles' Laughing Factory. Patrons enjoyed - or perhaps endured, depending how you look at it - seven hours of Cook's jokes. The 420 minutes of humor broke Dave Chappelle's previous record of six hours and 12 minutes.

USA Today (via Pop Candy) also reports Cook sent out for food for the audience as the gig went on until 7 a.m.

Cook first broke the record (previously held by Richard Pryor) with a three hours and 50 minutes performance last year. If this keeps escalating, audience members may need to start bringing carry-on luggage. We recommend sneaking glances at the ever-entertaining SkyMall when jokes run dry. Litter robot, anyone?

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