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Please Note:  Deadline for Winter/Spring 2019 internships (January through May, or as school schedule allows) is Nov. 16.

Do you have dreams of an internship where, in addition to garnering all that “real world experience” (and boy is there ever some of that), you get to wear all your band t-shirts to work, and the staff meetings are fun, and the mail runs yield hundreds of new CDs each week, and no Xerox or espresso machine experience is required because everyone in the office makes their own copies and coffee? Does one office happen to be housed in a former art gallery down the street from the Waffle House Museum in Decatur, Ga., convenient to the MARTA rail line and all the music, film, food, and culture that Atlanta has to offer? Does the other happen to be in Midtown Manhattan, two blocks south of Madison Square Garden, and you’ve always dreamed of moving to New York?

If so, you might want to consider doing something about it. Like, say, applying for an internship at Paste. It’s everything you’ve been dreaming of (and more). And you’re in luck—we’re currently taking applications for our upcoming terms. Please click around for some basic info, answers to frequently asked questions and application instructions (below).

We’re now offering a remote internship program, which allows interns who are unable to relocate to either Georgia or New York, the opportunity to intern with Paste from home. Responsibilities remain the same as the in-house internship, and a Monday-Friday availability is preferred. (Note: preference is given to interns who can work on-site.)

Editorial applicants (remote or in-house) should list the section(s) they are most interested in working with: Music, Movies, TV, Games, Books, Comics, Comedy, Drink or Politics.

We also social-media/marketing/advertising internships in either the Georgia or New York offices.

All applicants should submit a resume (please note GPA) in addition to a cover letter listing previous relevant experience and addressing the following questions:

• Are you most interested in editorial, social-media, marketing or advertising?
• What are your career goals?
• Why do you want to intern with Paste?
• What do you hope to get out of your internship experience?
• What sections of Paste are you most interested in covering?
• Are you available in the Decatur, Ga. office or the NY office or remote (editorial)? [*Note: Priority will be given to in-office candidates. We will have few if any remote interns in the summer.]

Editorial applicants, please include three examples of your writing, preferably published clips. Design applicants, please include three recent examples of your print and/or graphic design work. Social media applicants, please describe your social media experience and strengths in social media promotion.

Please note: Clips should be attached as .doc, .rtf or .pdf file types. Images should be attached as .jpg or .gif file types. Links to web-based clips are accepted.

Application materials may be emailed to or sent via snail mail to:

PO Box 1606
Decatur, GA 30031

Feel free to email with any further questions not answered by the FAQ.


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