Politician wears wig, writes Clinton/Lewinsky musical

Bill Clinton
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Here at Paste, we are committed to Truth and Accuracy. (You can see how committed we are because we just capitalized both of those words.) But what if we told you about a movie that probably doesn’t exist and acknowledged its probable non-existence? Is that still Truthful and Accurate?

We hope so, because we simply could not respect ourselves if we didn’t tell you about Bill and the Silk Box. In his own words (and according to the Wikipedia page that is suspiciously similar to his own profile), Daniel Vovak is a successful ghostwriter and prolific non-ghostwriter. Among his other accomplishments: a book, movies in development, a run for the presidency…

Yes, that’s right. Daniel Vovak ran for president in 2004. As a Republican. Against George W. Bush. Dressed in a colonial-era wig. Traveling in a Ford truck referred to as “Air Ford One.” Vovak also ran for US Senate in Maryland in 2006. He did not do too well, but apparently, his confrontation with the political world inspired his latest project: a script called Bill and the Silk Box.

Despite an excited press release, the film is still being shopped around, which means that Bill Paxton, Tim Robbins and Amanda Bynes have probably never heard of it, despite making appearances in said press release. It also means that though the studios listed on the script are “Sony, Universal, Warner Brothers or Open,” right now, it’s just “Open.”

Vovak’s script is set inside the White House, before and during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. It is also set to Elvis songs, features a Greek chorus, and reveals some generous casting ideas. For example, James Carville can either be played by himself or Philip Seymour Hoffman, former White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta can be played by himself or Robert De Niro (to be fair, there is a bit of a resemblance), and Vernon Jordan can be played by Samuel L. Jackson or Laurence Fishburne, but not by himself.

And the script itself? Here is but a brief interaction from a longer excerpt, which you can find right here:


It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. President.

There is an immediate connection, exhibited through a brief but intense eye exchange.

He gave me the whole Bill Clinton.

We wish Vovak the best of luck in getting his script to the right people, and we’ll be sure to let you know if there is a Bill and the Silk Box breakthrough. Are you listening, De Niro?

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