Mugison takes home three Icelandic Music Awards

Likely the most unduly understated news from last week, Mugison walked away with three honors from the Icelandic Music Awards. When considering music from Iceland, one might be prone to think of the ethereal sounds of Sigur Rós or the bizarro pop of Björk. But we suggest you dig a bit deeper and get acquainted with Mugison, perhaps for a second time.

Ol' Mugi won the award for 2007’s record of the year and best album cover for his third album, Mugiboogie. Rightly so, considering the first 10-20 thousand copies of the release featured handmade packaging. Also, Gísli Darri and Bjarki Rafn won best video for the piece they created to accompany Mugison’s “The Great Unrest.”

He has also created the original soundtrack for two Icelandic films: Niceland, which is an Anytown look at the quest for the meaning of life, and Little Trip to Heaven, a thriller that stars a little Icelandic actress that looks just like Julia Stiles. Oh wait, that is Julia Stiles.

The album has already sold 10,000 copies in Iceland, which may seem small, but considering the population of Iceland is only about 300,000, this is no average feat. Platinum by their standards, the album is deeply soulful, orchestrated rock (if we must attach a genre) with lyrics that tackle the human condition in its rawest form. Mugison handles falsetto delicately and precisely, and yet the moments where his crooning escalates to a scream don’t seem out of place.

Look for a tentative stateside release date of June for Mugiboogie. While waiting, there is always the video for "The Great Unrest":

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