Ryan Adams launches blog, works on new album

Ryan Adams
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Ryan Adams  has launched a new blog, in which he has casually mentioned writing new material for an upcoming album.

At first glance, Adams’ blog dradamsfilms.com appears to be page after page of stream of consciousness posts. He muses on a wide range of subjects, including Morrissey, typewriters and a shopping trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond. But dig deeper and you'll find several references to a new album in progress and a little bit of insight into Adams' (in)famous creative process.

The prolific songwriter (nine albums and five EPs in seven years) describes working on a new album in a March 19 post, suggesting that his two steps forward, three steps back approach to songwriting has not changed. "So I won't be Fickle-Blogging here this week,” he wrote. “I have to write this record. I mean, this is the second draft. By second draft I mean, this is a whole new batch of tunes. The last batch was fine and maybe even some of it was rad. But my head did not catch on fire. At least not totally. I am sure I burnt more than a few by accident but all that house dust acted as a wonderful repellent."

There is no indication of when the album will be released on Adams’ blog or from his label Lost Highway. In lieu of a release date, we'll leave you with Adams’ thoughts on Knut – the baby polar bear from Berlin:

"KNUT. the ice bear. Rejected by his mother, loved and lifted up by germans, hairy, likes salmon……. I love him. There just is nothing not to love.

I can’t wait till he starts talking."

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