A Replacements reunion getting closer? Maybe...

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Just in time for the re-release of the band's early material, The Replacements have started dropping (more) hints about a possible reunion. According to Billboard.com, principle songwriters Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson have been kicking around the possibility of reuniting, even going as far as considering (and turning down) a possible spot at this year's Coachella.

In the article, Stinson frustratingly remarks, "We actually talked about it again this year, and I think there was a consensus that, you know, maybe it wasn't the right time (to reunite), or maybe it is the right time." Wait. What? Was that a yes or a no? Don't tease us like this, boys! We're still reeling from that one-off Big Black reunion that never turned into anything. Argh.

So what would a Replacements reunion tour look like? It's impossible to get the original lineup back together; drummer Chris Mars is almost exclusively devoted to his art, and guitarist Bob Stinson sadly passed away in 1995. Vandals drummer and work-horse studio musician Josh Freese's name has been thrown around, though until we see a proper reunion, these names are all simply speculation.

If The Replacements do ultimately reunite, they'll join the likes of other Our Band Could Be Your Life subjects, Mission of Burma and Dinosaur Jr, that have recently reunited and released one bomb-assrecord a piece. Your move, Replacements.

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