Michelle Obama seeking tax-day 'bump' from Colbert Report

Michelle Obama
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In the wake of a heavily-publicized forthcoming study proving the legitimacy of the "Colbert Bump," Michelle Obama, wife of presedential contender Sen. Barack Obama (D-Thrillinoise), will make her first-ever late night appearance as guest on tomorrow night's episode of the truthiest program that ever did truth.

She won't be bringing her well-known sarcasm to the usual Report, however. A new location, a larger live-audience and thousands more pounds of MSG mark unique twists for the show's special on-the-spot coverage of the upcoming primary in Pennsylvania, where Barack still trails Clinton by a handful of points. Officially dubbed "The Colbert Report: Dorito's Spicy Sweet Pennsylania Primary Coverage from Chili-Delphia - The City of Brotherly Crunch!", the program comes amid "Hail to the Cheese: Sephen Colbert's Nacho Cheese Doritos 2008 Presidential Campaign Coverage" and is taping at the 900-seat Annenberg Center for the Perforing Arts at the University of Pennsylvania, which is America's first university. Ladies and Gentlemen of broadcasting, this is how you win a Peabody.

The episode with Ms. Michelle airs tomorrow night on Comedy Central at 11:30 p.m.

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