Tori Amos-inspired Comic Book Tattoo set for July release

Tori Amos
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The music and comic book worlds have converged once again to create Comic Book Tattoo, a 480-page compendium of 50 story arcs based on songs by Tori Amos. Several notable comic book artists collaborated in the four-color adaptation of Amos' discography, ranging from young illustrator Jason Levesque—who illustrated the cover, seen above (left)—to seasoned award-winning artist Ted McKeever.

Neil Gaiman—author of The Sandman comic saga—wrote the introduction to Comic Book Tattoo. Also a close friend to Amos, Gaiman has often compared her to his comic book character Delirium, while Amos herself references The Sandman in several of her songs. Coming out in late July, this anthology will bridge the gap between these two artistic icons.

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