Tyger Williams reworks Emma for the streets

Jane Austen
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Jane Austen’s Emma will go under yet another film reincarnation, this time as a musical in an urban setting. Variety reports that Tyger Williams, who penned Menace II Society, will be adapting the script.

What seems to be another attempt to get the youngins to read arguably Britain’s best novelist, the concept was inspired by Lil Mama’s video for "Lip Gloss." Beyond the obvious period pieces, flicks like Clueless and Bridget Jones Diary also bear homage to the Austen’s classic coming of age story.

Some may say that this is the kind of thing that would make dear sweet Jane turn over in her grave; however, it is apparent that fans of Austen adapt the story on all levels to create relevance. For instance, “The Incredible Adventures Of The Hunk,”“Tanks for the Memoriez” and “The Austen Street Clinic” are just some examples of fantastical rewrites submitted by fans online, including everything from a zombie version of Mr. Darcy (referred to the entire time as Zombie Darcy) to a Grey’s Anatomy-esque narrative about all the Austen’s characters working together in a clinic. Seriously.

With that said, an urban film adaptation doesn’t seem that far-fetched after all. No word yet on who will be in charge of the songs used in the film. One could only hope that it would be someone as qualified as when hip-hop took over the ballet.

Screen Gems is in charge of the production, with expected release date still in the works.

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