Bee Gees catalogue heading for nights on Broadway

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It makes sense for the singers of one of the best-selling soundtracks of all time to pen a West End/Broadway musical. They’ll know how to do it, they’ll know how to show it. Don’t need no help for them to make it.

That’s right: let your locks grow unhindered, get ready to take those necklines down to the third button and exercise those falsetto vibratos, for Barry and Robin Gibb have announced big plans for the Bee Gees catalogue.

Some sort of theatrical event based on the group’s songs-honored on Monday with a green plaque in central London, slapped aside the very spot where many of them were written-might be staged within 12-16 months, Robin told press members gathered to see the aforementioned historical marker.

The plaque was also meant to honor Robin’s twin brother and bandmate, Maurice, who passed on in 2003, leading to the retirement of the Bee Gee moniker. “It's an honour to him because he is no longer with us and because it is bringing up memories,” Robin told the BBC.

So, what’ve they got to loosely build a plot around? Aside from the obvious 1975 single “Nights on Broadway” and everything from Saturday Night Fever, the Gibb brothers have more than enough early-years soft rock (“To Love Somebody,” “I Started A Joke”) to complement the production’s more sentimental moments, before the disco inferno rages forth and singes everyone’s upper-chest hairs.

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