Blockbuster to offer in-store downloads

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Two years ago, Blockbuster, once king of the movie-rental business, verged on bankruptcy. It seemed that the giant may have fallen.

Thankfully for the company's shareholders and loyal customers, it appears now that someone in the corporation must have caught on to a little thing called the Internet. Since its near collapse, the company has set up Blockbuster Online, which allows customers to order DVDs right to their door. (Sound familiar?) A few months ago, Blockbuster reported positive earnings for the first time in nearly 11 years, and in keeping with this newfound technological savvy, declared this week that it will offer in-store downloads sometime in the near future.

Chairman and CEO James Keyes told the press that apparently the company is going for an "ATM-like experience," where customers can download entire movies in a mere 30 seconds.

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