Cartier teams with Reed, Cotillard, more for charity

The Age of Disco gave us a lot of cultural touchstones, not the strangest of which was the Cartier Love bracelet. Fashioned after chastity belts of yore, the bracelet came with a tiny screwdriver and actually had to be bolted around the wearer's wrist in a permanent fashion, presumably by the giver. Add to the weird factor that it was way on the pricey side, as well as the fact that you were strictly forbidden (by Cartier) from buying one for yourself (it had to be from your lover, being the Love bracelet), and you've got yourself the Decadent Years' hottest commodity.

So, why are we writing about this?

Well, Cartier's ultimate declaration of affection has become relevant yet again, this time accompanied by a brand new charity campaign. The French jewelry designers have fashioned a less restrictive version of the Love bracelet, reduced its pricetag a bit from the original $8000 or so, and promised to give some of the proceeds to charity. The charities will have a world-wide focus intent on helping children in need, Action Against Hunger being one of the many.

And for advertising purposes? Lou Reed, of course! That's right, Mr. Velvet Underground himself, along with Phoenix, Marion Cotillard, Thomas Dybdahl, Dan Black, Grand National, fennesz+sakamoto, Pauline Croze, Little Dragon, Sol Seppy, Khalil Fong and Hawksley Workman, have written original, unreleased songs for the campaign. Not only can you hear them on the TV spots, which began airing May 26, but you can also download the songs for free here.

Bondage just started to sound a whole lot better.

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