Guitar Hero: World Tour adds instruments, downloads, more

Don’t expect the Guitar Hero franchise to stop growing any time soon.  The latest news regarding the hugely popular game series confirms the earlier informationActivision CEO Bobby Kotick discussed in an interview with Portfolio magazine regarding the increased instruments and selection of the new game. According to news confirmed by Activision, the upcoming installment of the game will feature vocals and drums instead of just a guitar, a newly redesigned guitar and wireless instruments. Differing slightly from Rock Band, Guitar Hero: World Tour will have three instead of four drum pads and the addition of two cymbals. But wait, there’s more!

The latest version of the game allows for more players, has more songs and increased Wii features. However, the most notable addition is a full-service studio in which players can record, edit and share their own musical creations. The trailer promises the tools to “record and release your own singles.” In the Music Studio mode of the game, user generated content will be shareable online using a new service called GHTunes. It remains to be seen how complicated the tools are in order to create the digital music from scratch the game promises, and whether or not this will be a heavily utilized feature.

Players will be able to download songs from the likes of Van Halen, The Eagles, Sublime, Linkin Park and other well-known rock acts, but World Tour will also include downloads from local acts, a feature Kotick cited as an increasingly important aspect of the game. In the interview, Kotick discussed the role Guitar Hero plays for artists, taking a group to a completely new level in pop culture because of the game’s broad, multi-generational, appeal.

While there is still no release date save Fall 2008 for Guitar Hero: World Tour, eager fans itching for more can pre-order Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, which is coming in June.

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