Imeem tops Yahoo! in streaming music popularity

Into instant gratification of the melodic variety? Don't want to pay money for your tunage? has you covered, and now the masses have spoken; it's the most popular place to go for streaming music.

The site recently edged out Yahoo! Music in the U.S. as the No. 1 purveyor of streaming songs on these here interwebs, according to Yahoo! now holds second place, no longer top of the heap even though it acquired music sites Launch Media, Broadcast and Musicmatch to buoy its usership.

The secret to Imeem's success, ostensibly, lies with its ability to offer for free just about anything at a user's request due to the company's big, costly agreements with both the major labels and scores and scores of indies. Imeem also sports a widely-used embeddable player popular with blogs because of its simplicity. It gives users the ability to create and share playlists and pays more attention to the social networking aspects of streaming music than some of its counterparts. People flocked to it between March of 2007 and March of 2008. Since last year, Imeem jumped 58% in the number of unique visitors, in contrast with the two nearest competitors, Yahoo and AOL Music, which experienced -14% and -30% change, respectively.

Other runners up include,,, and

Thanks to The Daily Swarm for the tip!

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