Luke Wilson gets miraculous as Henry Poole

Luke Wilson
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It's been a while since we heard from Luke Wilson. Lately, media attention has been (unfortunately) focused on his older brother, and Luke's behind-the-camera debut, The Wendell Baker Story, was a certified box-office flop.

Of course, none of this makes any of the three Wilson brothers (oldest Wilson bro Andrew co-directed Wendell Baker) less talented or watch-worthy. And Luke is poised to make a big-screen comeback with his latest movie, the miracle fable Henry Poole is Here.

The family-friendly film, co-starring (random alert!) Radha Mitchell, Cheryl Hines and George Lopez, centers on the morbidly depressed Henry Poole (Wilson), who moves into a ramshackle house in a nondescript suburb of L.A. to hermitize in a Leaving Las Vegas-alcoholic kinda way.

Then the face of the Lord appears in a water stain on Henry's stucco and everything changes. His super-Catholic neighbor Esperanza brings her preacher over as witness, followed by the inevitable busloads of miracle seekers.

Henry Poole was a sensation at Sundance, where Overture Films purchased the rights on a wing and a prayer—or the many prayers of the potentially huge morally upright audience for the PG-rated film. The movie hits theaters nationwide on Aug. 15; check out the movie poster at the MTV Movies blog and the trailer below:

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