Parker Posey, Johnny Knoxville join Waters' Fruitcake

Parker Posey
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Four years ago, John Waters released a Christmas album. Yes, you read that right. Waters, the boundary pushing director and actor, the man best known for his love of camp and cross-dressers, released an album full of handpicked Christmas tunes like "Fat Daddy," "Here Comes Fatty Claus," and "Happy Birthday Jesus."

The album's release must have ignited Waters' passion for the festive holiday, because last year it was announced that he'd be helming a children's Christmas movie. (Yes, you read that right too.) And, as is standard in the World of Waters, the story only gets stranger.

Recently, it was confirmed that Johnny Knoxville and Parker Posey have signed on to star in the upcoming film, entitled Fruitcake. The movie is said to feature a young boy named Fruitcake who runs away from home and meets another runaway who had been adopted by two gay men, but left home to search for her birth mom.

Kid friendly fare from the man who brought the world Polyester? Guess we'll all have to wait and see. 'Til then, brush up on your Parker Posey with a scene from Best in Show.

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