?uestlove says Dave Chappelle's Block Party going to Dubai

Dave Chappelle
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Hot off the release of the new Roots album, ?uestlove has spent his time...at a Bryan Adams photography opening? In any case, while there, he spoke with New York Magazine's Vulture about new plans with comedian Dave Chappelle.

Since Chappelle disappeared from his show and quickly reappeared in South Africa, he's mostly lain low and hung around his home in Ohio. His most notable project since then was the revolutionary concert documentary Dave Chappelle's Block Party, directed by Michel Gondry and featuring The Roots as house band. It looks like he's readying to do a sort of sequel to that event again.

"He wants to redo Block Party," said ?uestlove, after speaking with Chappelle at Erykah Badu's birthday party. Not only that, but he's looking to change up the location quite a bit. Where does he want to set it up? "Over in Dubai. Except he wants to spice it up a bit and have us perform with a 60-piece orchestra. He’s just like, ‘Promise me you’re going to rhyme over Star Wars, that’s all I want.’" Before Vulture could glean anymore information out of him, ?uestlove had to leave.

As unlikely as this sounds, the block party was always about philanthropy and this location coincides well with Chappelle's interest in the greater world around him. Regardless of whether a new film results, it's good to hear of the possibility of more block parties around the world.

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