The BPA's "Toe Jam" features David Byrne, naked people

David Byrne
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Most days, we don't point our readers toward music videos with naked people in them. Then again, most days, you don't get a music video with naked people in it that involves the creative input of David Byrne.

"Toe Jam" is the latest from The BPA (AKA: Fatboy Slim) featuring Byrne and Dizzee Rascal. It's from The BPA's upcoming album, which will also feature Martha Wainwright, Iggy Pop and Ashley Beedle.

The video, directed by Keith Schofield, opens with a plethora of men and women having what appears to be a '70s-era dance party-in the nude. The shindig keeps itself from veering into Deep Throat territory with the help of some very strategically placed black bars.

It would be a shame to explain just how strategically these bars are placed, as it would ruin the experience of watching this awesomely gimmicky/NSFW gem first hand:

Pure genius.

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